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2.3. How do I talk to my friends on Urban Rivals?

There are various ways of talking to your friends while playing:

• By private message (PM): To access your PMs, click on the envelope on the top left side of the screen on your profile box.

Here you can send PMs and reply to those you've received.

You can also send a PM to a particular friend from their profile.

To access a friend's profile, click on his/her nickname while playing or enter his/her nickname in the search field.

• From the ingame chat:

You can chat live to all your friends from the fight room.

• On the guild chat-line

You can talk to all the members of your guild at the same time on the guild chat-line, available in the guild room.

• On Friend Feed

You can also publicly chat to all your friends on Friend Feed, located next to your list of friends. To access this, just click on "XXX Friends" on the top left-hand side of your screen.

• On the forum

And finally, you can communicate with your friends and all the other players on the Forum by clicking Community > Forum.

Note: please ensure you adhere to the charter of good conduct in the Terms and Conditions of Use, applicable to all these modes of communication.

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