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2.4. What type of information can I disclose to my friends?

You can give your friends a wide range of information without any problem at all. However, there are two pieces of information that we strongly advise you not to disclose:

• Your identifier and password

This information needs to be kept confidential and should not be revealed to anyone, even to your friends. We suggest you use a password with a high level of security.

Should theft of an account, Collection or Clintz occur as a result of divulging this information, Urban Rivals is under no obligation to reimburse anything for the damage suffered.

• Your personal information

We strongly advise players not to divulge their personal information (surname, first name, address, telephone number, personal email address, etc.) as there are always ill-intentioned people able to use this information inappropriately.

For more information, please refer to the security guide

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