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1.5. The guild I tried to create has not been accepted! Why?

For a guild to be created, it must be validated by the team of moderators.
This can take some time.
Below are the reasons why your guild might not be accepted by a moderator:

• Text or description containing insulting remarks.

• Your guild description is empty or just contains the default wording.
This refers to the fact that you haven’t written anything in the section set aside for the guild description. All that will appear in your description is ”My super guild that I…” Try not to complete this sentence with “…that I created”, “will be the best”, “is the best”.
Tell yourself that the better your description, the more attention your guild will attract from those people who are as yet undecided.
You could include the following points:
1) A brief history of the guild.
2) What’s on offer (active forum, lotteries, tournaments, etc.)
3) The minimum requirements for applying (minimum level, minimum participation, forum language, etc.)

• Too many special characters.
It is not necessary to over-decorate your guild’s name or description with symbols (>, ?, @, etc.)

• Religious or political theme and illegal themes in general.

• Incitement to terrorism or dictatorial regimes.

• Guilds that include in their description sentences such as “we will only accept one nationality”, inferring that only people from a particular country or region will be accepted.

• Guilds that include in their name “something nationalistic+something non-nationalistic” and that do not specify in their description that all applicants are welcome, will also be rejected.
Example: “French-Rangers” (if it is not clearly stated in its description that all applicants are welcome, the guild will be refused).
Finally, guilds with names such as “United Patriots” or similar will also be turned down.

Nationalistic, political and religious subject matters are strictly forbidden. However, we do realize that the main attraction of a guild is its forum and that for communication to be possible the players must speak the same language.
Therefore, a guild with a description such as:

1) ONLY for X (nationality, region, city, neighborhood) WILL NOT BE accepted.
2) Forum language: X, Y, or Z will be accepted.

If you do not adhere to these rules, your guild will not be validated.

If you feel you’ve adhered to these rules and still don't understand why your guild has been turned down, send a message to the customer support team with the exact name and description of the guild you wish to create.

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