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1.4. I want to create my own guild! How do I go about it?

To create a guild, you must have reached level 10.
However, you can join a guild from level 5 onwards.

You can only create a guild if you do not already belong to another guild or aren’t in the process of applying to another guild (this information can be checked on your profile page by clicking on your nickname on the top right of the page).

If you fulfill these requirements, creating a guild couldn't be easier.

1. In the box on the top left of your screen click on “Create my guild”, under your ranking;
2. Select a name for your guild (the name of your guild must be available and in line with the moderation rules described in the forum);
3. Provide a description of your guild;
4. Click on “Create my guild”.

Creating a guild is free of charge and the upper limit on the number of members it can contain is 750.
But your guild must contain at least 4 members within 3 days. If this does not happen, it will be automatically deleted.

Once your guild is created, it must be validated by the team of moderators. We therefore advise you to carefully consult the rules for setting up a guild, available in the Introductions and recruitment section of the forum.

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