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Here you'll find all the information you need to make friends in Urban Rivals and to share the game with your friends from the outside world

1. Guilds

1.1. What is a guild? And what is it for?

A guild is a group of players with a common objective. Their objectives can vary enormously.
Usually a guild is created to bring together a large number of people to make the guild go up in ranking, to organize tournaments among friends, to trade cards, to share strategies, to compare cards/decks, etc.
Basically it is a way of creating a space in which players can share experiences and have fun with others.
You can get to know lots of people who, in the future, could become your friends.

The focal point of a guild is its forum. This is the place where you can chat to other guild members. Subjects and comments are automatically validated but they can be moderated by the guild founder or administrators, unlike in the general forum where every subject and comment is first validated by the team of moderators.
Things work differently in the guild forum. It is a place where you can talk openly and in which communication is instant. If numbers are very high, the forum can practically be seen as a chat. It is a place where you can chat and take part in guild life. Of course there is an unspoken understanding that all this is done with an underlying respect for the others involved.

In addition to their social dimension, guilds also offer tangible benefits in the game.

The Guild Bank, unlockable through the corresponding bonus (guild level 20 required), will allow you to lend and borrow cards among guild buddies.

1.2. How can I apply to a guild?

To join a guild, you must have reached level 5.
To apply, it couldn’t be easier: on "The Guilds" tab, you'll find a list of all the Urban Rivals' guilds. You can filter them by country or look for a particular one by searching under game mode, level, activity, etc.

Every guild has a name and a description. Select the one you most like the look of. A lot of guilds expect their applicants to have a minimum level. If you don't meet this requirement, it's not worth you applying.

You can also go the Introductions and Recruitment section to find the most active guilds and a more detailed description of each guild.

Once you’ve made up your mind, click on the name of the guild. You’ll be directed to the guild’s “Home” page. Then just click “Join this guild” to be placed among the applicants of the guild in the “Member" tab.

1.3. How can I leave a guild?

To leave a guild, just click on "leave the guild”.

1.4. I want to create my own guild! How do I go about it?

To create a guild, you must have reached level 10.
However, you can join a guild from level 5 onwards.

You can only create a guild if you do not already belong to another guild or aren’t in the process of applying to another guild (this information can be checked on your profile page by clicking on your nickname on the top right of the page).

If you fulfill these requirements, creating a guild couldn't be easier.

1. In the box on the top left of your screen click on “Create my guild”, under your ranking;
2. Select a name for your guild (the name of your guild must be available and in line with the moderation rules described in the forum);
3. Provide a description of your guild;
4. Click on “Create my guild”.

Creating a guild is free of charge and the upper limit on the number of members it can contain is 750.
But your guild must contain at least 4 members within 3 days. If this does not happen, it will be automatically deleted.

Once your guild is created, it must be validated by the team of moderators. We therefore advise you to carefully consult the rules for setting up a guild, available in the Introductions and recruitment section of the forum.

1.5. The guild I tried to create has not been accepted! Why?

For a guild to be created, it must be validated by the team of moderators.
This can take some time.
Below are the reasons why your guild might not be accepted by a moderator:

• Text or description containing insulting remarks.

• Your guild description is empty or just contains the default wording.
This refers to the fact that you haven’t written anything in the section set aside for the guild description. All that will appear in your description is ”My super guild that I…” Try not to complete this sentence with “…that I created”, “will be the best”, “is the best”.
Tell yourself that the better your description, the more attention your guild will attract from those people who are as yet undecided.
You could include the following points:
1) A brief history of the guild.
2) What’s on offer (active forum, lotteries, tournaments, etc.)
3) The minimum requirements for applying (minimum level, minimum participation, forum language, etc.)

• Too many special characters.
It is not necessary to over-decorate your guild’s name or description with symbols (>, ?, @, etc.)

• Religious or political theme and illegal themes in general.

• Incitement to terrorism or dictatorial regimes.

• Guilds that include in their description sentences such as “we will only accept one nationality”, inferring that only people from a particular country or region will be accepted.

• Guilds that include in their name “something nationalistic+something non-nationalistic” and that do not specify in their description that all applicants are welcome, will also be rejected.
Example: “French-Rangers” (if it is not clearly stated in its description that all applicants are welcome, the guild will be refused).
Finally, guilds with names such as “United Patriots” or similar will also be turned down.

Nationalistic, political and religious subject matters are strictly forbidden. However, we do realize that the main attraction of a guild is its forum and that for communication to be possible the players must speak the same language.
Therefore, a guild with a description such as:

1) ONLY for X (nationality, region, city, neighborhood) WILL NOT BE accepted.
2) Forum language: X, Y, or Z will be accepted.

If you do not adhere to these rules, your guild will not be validated.

If you feel you’ve adhered to these rules and still don't understand why your guild has been turned down, send a message to the customer support team with the exact name and description of the guild you wish to create.

1.6. My guild has been deleted!!!!!! Why did you do that?

Remember that if you don’t manage to recruit four people to your guild within three days of setting it up, the guild will be automatically deleted.

We only ever delete players’ guilds in exceptional circumstances in which the restrictions cited above have been flouted or in the event of serious breaches of the T&Cs.

1.7. How can I invite people to join my guild?

Players must have first posted their applications on your guild page.
To accept a player, just go to your guild page, click on the player’s nickname and accept him/her via the option in the mini-menu that will then appear.
You'll also receive a message from Kate informing you that a new applicant has just entered your guild.

1.8. How can I change the name of my guild?

This option is not available.

1.9. How can I change the description of my guild?

Sometimes a guild description has been written too hastily making certain parts incomprehensible. In other cases, as a guild evolves, adopts new rules or makes changes to its history, the description needs to be updated.

The procedure for this is simple: go to your guild’s “Options” tab, then click on the “Edit” button. Write your new description then click on “Save”.

1.10. I want to change my guild’s flag to my country’s flag. How do I go about it?

You can change your guild’s flag on the "Option" tab of your guild.

1.11. My guild doesn't have many members. What should I do to get more?

You need to advertise your guild.
The easiest way to do this is to create a recruitment subject in the “Introductions and recruitment” section which is precisely intended for this use.
Remember to write the name of your guild, the minimum level required and a description of the activities on offer within it.

1.12. How do I choose a good administrator for my guild?

The first thing to consider when you assign this type of role is whether the person you have in mind is trustworthy.

If this is your first guild, take your time in choosing your administrators. Don’t just choose the first arrivals, but rather those who seem most capable and dynamic and who display an active interest in the guild.

Ideal candidates for this role are players who are friendly and active, who organize small, free events and tournaments, who help others without asking for anything in return and who have a good overall understanding of Urban Rivals.

1.13. I assigned the role of administrator to someone in my guild and she’s got rid of a lot of people without consulting me. What can I do?

There are many cases of guilds being destroyed due to untrustworthy administrators. Do not trust someone who, having only just joined your guild, asks to be an administrator. It is possible that after being promoted, he/she will expel half the members of your guild out of sheer enjoyment and go unpunished for the crime.

Prudence and common sense are called for. If you create a guild, what then goes on within it is down to you.

1.14. How can I increase participation in the forum?

• Try to encourage people to participate by talking about everything and anything. Anything that occurs to you that might encourage guild members to take part.
• Create subjects on music, cinema, theatre, sport, video-games, etc.
• Create subjects on tournaments and lotteries (look at the guide for Events [link]).
• Create subjects on the game, its modes, techniques, your decks, etc.

1.15. My founder is inactive. How can we change him/her?

If your founder has been inactive for a long time, this is the procedure to follow:

• Create a new subject in your guild forum to allow guild members to vote for the election of a new founder;
• Send the subject link to the customer support team, explaining the situation of your guild.

This method cannot in any way be used as a means for a guild member to take over. The founder will only be changed if the Staff decide that he/she has genuinely been inactive for a significant amount of time.

1.16. Guild champions

The guild founder can choose champions to represent the guild in EFC, Survivor and Daily Tournament modes. The average of the champions' scores will determine the guild’s ranking in each game mode.

1.17. Guild Level

Every guild has its own level, determined by the activity of each of its members. The Guilds are also ranked on these criteria.

At each level, the guild will earn a point that will enable it to acquire a new bonus or to increase the level of a bonus. Some of these bonuses will only be accessible once the Guild has reached a certain level.

2. My Friends

2.1. How do I make friends with someone in the game?

Adding another player to your list of friends couldn't be easier. Simply go to the player’s profile and click “Add to my list of friends”.

It is also possible to add a player at the end of a match while still playing.

2.2. Where can I find my list of friends on Urban Rivals?

You can access your list of friends by going to the page "My friends" under the Community tab or by clicking on your avatar on the top left of the screen, then on the number of friends online.

2.3. How do I talk to my friends on Urban Rivals?

There are various ways of talking to your friends while playing:

• By private message (PM): To access your PMs, click on the envelope on the top left side of the screen on your profile box.

Here you can send PMs and reply to those you've received.

You can also send a PM to a particular friend from their profile.

To access a friend's profile, click on his/her nickname while playing or enter his/her nickname in the search field.

• From the ingame chat:

You can chat live to all your friends from the fight room.

• On the guild chat-line

You can talk to all the members of your guild at the same time on the guild chat-line, available in the guild room.

• On Friend Feed

You can also publicly chat to all your friends on Friend Feed, located next to your list of friends. To access this, just click on "XXX Friends" on the top left-hand side of your screen.

• On the forum

And finally, you can communicate with your friends and all the other players on the Forum by clicking Community > Forum.

Note: please ensure you adhere to the charter of good conduct in the Terms and Conditions of Use, applicable to all these modes of communication.

2.4. What type of information can I disclose to my friends?

You can give your friends a wide range of information without any problem at all. However, there are two pieces of information that we strongly advise you not to disclose:

• Your identifier and password

This information needs to be kept confidential and should not be revealed to anyone, even to your friends. We suggest you use a password with a high level of security.

Should theft of an account, Collection or Clintz occur as a result of divulging this information, Urban Rivals is under no obligation to reimburse anything for the damage suffered.

• Your personal information

We strongly advise players not to divulge their personal information (surname, first name, address, telephone number, personal email address, etc.) as there are always ill-intentioned people able to use this information inappropriately.

For more information, please refer to the security guide

2.5. Urban Rivals is fantastic! How can I invite my real-life friends to play with me?

It couldn’t be easier! You can sponsor your friends very easily by clicking on "Invite your friends" under the Community tab.

From this page, you can easily tell your friends about Urban Rivals by inviting them from Facebook.

2.6. If I invite them, do I get something in return?

Of course, in fact that’s the whole point of sponsoring!
Every time one of your sponsorees buys credits, you’ll receive 10% of the amount purchased (5 credits for a purchase of 50 credits, 100 credits for a purchase of 100 credits, etc.).

2.7. There’s a player with whom I don’t want to talk… Can I do that?

Of course you can. If you no longer want to talk to a particular player, you can add him/her to your personal blacklist from his/her profile by clicking “blacklist”.

Moreover, you can manage your personal blacklist from your PM inbox, by clicking on "Manage players you have currently blocked".

3. Sponsoring

3.1. Urban Rivals is fantastic! How can I invite my real-life friends to play with me?

It couldn’t be easier! You can sponsor your friends very easily by clicking on "Invite your friends" under the Community tab.

From this page, you can easily tell your friends about Urban Rivals by inviting them from Facebook.

3.2. If I invite them, do I get something in return?

Of course, in fact that’s the whole point of sponsoring!
Every time one of your sponsorees buys credits, you’ll receive 10% of the amount purchased (5 credits for a purchase of 50 credits, 100 credits for a purchase of 1000 credits, etc.)

3.3. I made a mistake. How can I change my sponsor?

If you chose the wrong sponsor, and only if this was due to a mistake in filling out the registration form, you can ask to have your sponsor changed by writing to the customer support team.

4. The Forum

4.1. How do I open a subject in the players’ Forum?

To open a subject, simply:

• Go to the players’ Forum.
• Select the section in which you’d like to post your subject (Introductions and Recruitment, Tournaments and Events, etc.)
• Go to the end of the list of subjects in the section.
• Write a title for your subject.
• Fill in the body of text for your subject.

Please note that each section has its own rules of publication that can be found at the top of the sub-forum.
Each new subject posted must be validated by the team of moderators if it adheres to the rules of publication.

4.2. How can I post a comment on the players’ Forum?

To post a comment, simply:

• Go to the players’ Forum.
• Select the section containing the subject in which you are interested.
• Open the subject by clicking on it.
• Scroll down to the very bottom of the subject.
• Fill in the body of text of your comment.

Comments adhere to the same rules as those in place for creating a subject and are also validated by the team of moderators after having been checked.

4.3. A lot of the subjects start with letters in brackets or quotes. What do these mean?

They are tags which immediately identify the contents of a subject.
All the Tags used in a section are explained in the section’s rules. You just need to take a look at the list to learn how to use them.

Check whether Tags are compulsory in the section in which you wish to post to ensure your subject is not refused by the moderating team.

5. The Forum Sections

5.1. The Sales, Purchases and Trades Section

The section for sales, purchases and trades allows you to do business with cards or Clintz outside of the Market and to negotiate with other players.

Please be sure to note exactly when the subjects were posted. If it was a long time ago, the offer may well have expired.

If you’ve reached a deal you're happy with, don't forget to send a message to the moderators so they can close the subject.

You can ask a moderator to get involved should a disagreement arise. There are, of course, very few of us compared to the number of players. However, we will always try to help.

We strongly recommend that you use the secure exchange tool for all purchases, sales and card trading.

5.2. The Tournaments and Events Section

The tournaments and events section allows you to advertise your events whether they are lotteries or tournaments.

You’ll also find news here about events organized by Urban Rivals’ Staff.

5.3. The Strategy and Tactics Section

The strategy and tactics sections allows you to outline your strategies for each game mode or just generally, and to ask for help in coming up with a game strategy.

It gives you the chance to both display and advertise your presets.

It also provides an opportunity to help other players by publishing game guides.

5.4. Staff Announcements Section

The Staff Announcements section is the place you’ll find all the latest Urban Rivals’ news on new features, characters, Collector cards, etc.

You cannot create a subject in this section but you can comment on the subjects posted if they are still open.

6. Urban Rivals on the social networks

6.1. How can I follow Urban Rivals on Twitter?

To follow Urban Rivals on Twitter, simply open a Twitter account, then visit this page.

Then click on Follow button

6.2. How can I access the Urban Rivals’ Facebook page?

The Urban Rivals’ Facebook page can be found here.

You can then follow Urban Rivals on Facebook by clicking on Like

6.3. How can I follow Urban Rivals on Instagram?

To follow Urban Rivals on Instagram, simply open an Instagram account, then visit this https://www.instagram.com/acutegames/
Then click on Follow button.

6.4. How can I access the Urban Rivals’ Pinterest page?

To follow Urban Rivals on Pinterest, then visit this page.

Then click on Follow button

7. Moderators

7.1. What is a moderator?

A moderator is a player who helps other players on the site. He/she will answer questions that players have sent by PM. They help Staff keep the website clean, free from cons, insults, floods and flag up any bugs on the web pages.

All our moderators are volunteers. They are players who have chosen to give up their own time for the community, sometimes to the detriment of their game score.

Being a moderator is not a ceremonial role, it is a responsibility. There is no recompense involved. A moderator is simply someone who carries out work for Urban Rivals. The only thing a moderator has that other players may not have is goodwill.

7.2. How can I become a moderator?

Choosing moderators is one of the administrators’ responsibilities
You cannot ask to become a moderator. You must wait to be asked.

Apart from never asking to become a moderator, there are no defining criteria for being selected. Moderators are generally 18 or over, committed members of the community and have a good knowledge of the game and its rules. They would never use their power for their own ends.

7.3. What is a blacklist?

The blacklist stops a player from:
- Talking to other players through all means of communication available on the site ;
- Posting on the forums of our site ;
- Posting comments on cards, on presets, clans or events ;
- Making private sales.

8. Staff

8.1. What is an administrator?

An administrator is an Urban Rivals’ official. He/she works for the website to ensure compliance to the rules by all members as well as on the game development.

8.2. How do you become an administrator?

This is not a ceremonial role, but a responsibility.

There is no point in asking how to become an administrator as recruitment for this role is not done through this website.