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5.1. Which are the Collectors characters?

The Collectors characters are characters that are not available anymore at The Shop. You can only get them from other players on the Market or by winning them in ELO Mode or in some Events.

You can spot a Collector by his name, it ends up in " Cr".

Which characters become Collectors is decided by the Staff, and you'll be alerted by a home page news one week in advance. At that moment, all existing sales on the Market of the future collectors are cancelled and new sales are blocked for 24h (to spread the news...). The soon-to-be Collectors remain in The Shop's boosters for week and then they become Collectors.

We'll NOT tell anyone which characters will become collectors, not even hints.

Dont even ask, you won't get any answer :)

We know, it's hard, but it's fair :)


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