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3.3. Full technical solution

The possible reasons explaining your problem are:

- It could be a cookies or cache problem.

We advise you to delete cookies from your browser.

- If you are using Internet Explorer, we advise you to use updated version of Firefox instead.

- If Flash Player is not updated, we advise you to update Flash Player.

- Your browser doesn't allow pop-ups.
Please set up your browser so as to allow pop-ups from www.urban-rivals.com.

To allow pop-ups on Internet Explorer (last version), click on Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.

To do the same on Firefox click on Tools > Content > Exceptions.
Then write « www.urban-rivals.com» in the text box to allow pop-ups of our site.

- You didn't update Flash Player to its last version.
You need to download and install the last version of Flash Player, here from example: http://www.softonic.com/s/flash-player .

- The parental control has been set up to stop several elements in our site.
It is possible that the parental contril automatically stops some pictures and the Shop page.

If you are an adult, please change the settings of the parental control of you router or your computer.

If you are underage, please ask your parents to change the settings the way which is the most convenient for them.

Your antivirus software or your firewall stop several elements in our site.
Several antivirus software stop elements of our site of they haven't been set up properly. The two antivirus softwares causing the most problems are Norton and Kaspersky.

Please, set up your antivirus software so as to solve your problem.

If you followed all these steps and the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact us.

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