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2.3. Someone has accessed my account! What should I do?

First of all, you need to change your password.

To change your password you just have to click on your nickname on the top left of your Urban Rivals page. It will lead to your profile page. You can also click on the link below:

Click on the tab «Confidential information» and write your current password. Then write the new password you want and confirm it. Click on «Request change» to save the password change and confirm it on the email you have received on email address you gave when you first registered.

It is possible to change the password of an account only if it has been confirmed.
Be careful: don’t forget to use your new password next time you’ll log in.

Then, please contact our Customer Support Team with the following information:

- when the theft happened please (date and time) ?
- the name of the thief ?
- how many and which cards have been stolen ?
- how the thief manage to have access to your account ?
- could you send us your user name please and player ID please (the player ID is the number down your profile page or the last number on the URL of your profile) ?

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