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1.1. What is a guild? And what is it for?

A guild is a group of players with a common objective. Their objectives can vary enormously.
Usually a guild is created to bring together a large number of people to make the guild go up in ranking, to organize tournaments among friends, to trade cards, to share strategies, to compare cards/decks, etc.
Basically it is a way of creating a space in which players can share experiences and have fun with others.
You can get to know lots of people who, in the future, could become your friends.

The focal point of a guild is its forum. This is the place where you can chat to other guild members. Subjects and comments are automatically validated but they can be moderated by the guild founder or administrators, unlike in the general forum where every subject and comment is first validated by the team of moderators.
Things work differently in the guild forum. It is a place where you can talk openly and in which communication is instant. If numbers are very high, the forum can practically be seen as a chat. It is a place where you can chat and take part in guild life. Of course there is an unspoken understanding that all this is done with an underlying respect for the others involved.

In addition to their social dimension, guilds also offer tangible benefits in the game.

The Guild Bank, unlockable through the corresponding bonus (guild level 20 required), will allow you to lend and borrow cards among guild buddies.

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